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Services from Our Veterinarians in Knoxville, TNKnoxville Veterinarian at Bluegrass Animal Hospital provides pet care services including digital radiography, ultrasound, In-House Laboratory & Diagnostics

Bluegrass Animal Hospital provides quality preventative healthcare and emergency treatments to our animal patients. Whether your pet needs a routine checkup, a thorough wellness exam, to be spayed or neutered, or experiences a true emergency, we can help. Learn more about our services below, or call us today to ask about anything you don’t see on the list.

Services from Your Knoxville Veterinarian

If you’re looking for a quality veterinarian that offers every service you might need as a pet owner, you’ve found us. Here at Bluegrass Animal Hospital, we provide every service you could need to keep your animal happy and healthy for life. Our veterinarian offers:

  • Routine Wellness Checkups: Routine checkups help ensure your pet is still on-track with their growth (if they are young) or aging gracefully. We administer routine vaccinations, check weight, talk about food and more.

  • Pet Exams: Less frequently, we will want to do a more thorough pet exam, especially if you  are concerned about a health issue. These exams give us more information than a routine checkup.

  • Surgical Services: If your pet is experiencing a health problem that can only be corrected by surgery, we can help you.

  • Digital Radiography: This is a type of X-ray that doesn’t require the development of actual film, meaning we can read the results much faster and enhance them for clearer information.

  • Ultrasound: Ultrasound technology allows us to see inside your pet, to assess organs, tissue and other bodily structures.

  • In-House Laboratory and Diagnostics: Our lab can run blood samples and perform other diagnostic procedures in-house, also limiting the amount of time you spend waiting for an answer.

  • Dental Cleaning with Digital Dental Radiology: Cleanings and radiology keep your pet’s teeth healthy inside and out.

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring: If your pet has a blood pressure issue, we can monitor it and help ensure that your pet remains healthy.

  • Ocular Pressure Reading: Abnormal eye pressure can lead to vision problems and blindness, so it’s important to keep an “eye” on it!

  • Therapeutic LASER: Light waves at specific frequencies penetrate the pet’s outer tissue and go deep, stimulating healing of tissue through repair of old cells and growth of healthy new cells.

  • Spay and Neuter Services: Getting your pet “fixed” not only helps control the pet population, it keeps pets healthier and helps them live longer.

We also have a pharmacy on site, and can special order any compounded medications we don’t typically carry. If you see anything you need, get in touch.

Come Visit Our Knoxville Animal Hospital Today

And again, if there is a service you don’t see on the list above, you can feel free to get in touch with our Knoxville animal hospital and let us know. Bluegrass Animal Hospital is a premiere facility treating both routine health issues and providing emergency surgical care to animals in our area.

If you’re ready to make an appointment with our Knoxville animal hospital, please call us today at 865-694-8387. We look forward to helping your pet find the best possible health, so they can live as long and happily as possible.

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