Importance of an Annual Pet Exam

Why Pet Exams Are Important for Animals

As pet owners, we care about our companion animals. We want them to have the best care possible so that they can stay healthy at all times. A way to know if your furry animals are healthy is to schedule a pet exam at Bluegrass Animal Hospital in Knoxville. This exam is vital for many purposes, and we encourage all pet owners to get this exam done every year for their pets.

Read the information below to understand why pet exams are important.

Medical Conditions Can Be Detected with a Pet Exam

 The main reason to schedule an appointment for a pet exam is to make sure your companion animals are in good health. If you bring your pets to see our vets yearly, there is a better chance of a problem being addressed and treated before it gets worse, not to mention the costs it could save you if the issue is caught early. If you do not bring your companion pets in for a wellness exam, and they are suffering from a medical problem, his symptoms, pain, or discomfort will exacerbate.

Timeliness is always best when dealing with a medical problem. Our vets will check your dogs or cats from head to tail during each appointment to ensure all portions of the body are working as they should. We will also order tests to make sure the chemical levels of the body are within normal ranges. If a problem is noticed, a treatment plan is devised immediately to help alleviate your pets’ symptoms and get them feeling better sooner.

Make the Appointment Today for Your Companion Pet in Knoxville

To keep your dogs or cats on the right path for optimal health, contact Bluegrass Animal Hospital in Knoxville to make a pet exam appointment with our veterinary team. Our number is 865-694-8387.

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