Pet Diabetes

An Overview of Pet Diabetes from Bluegrass Animal Hospital

Diabetes is one of the most common medical conditions and it can impact both people and animals. When a pet develops diabetes, this can place pets and their owners under a tremendous amount of stress. Therefore, it is important to understand some of the basics regarding pet diabetes. The team from Bluegrass Animal Hospital is here to educate pet owners on the various problems regarding pet diabetes. We are here to serve the local area.


How Does Pet Diabetes Develop?

The purpose of the pancreas is to produce insulin that can reduce the overall level of glucose in the bloodstream. When the pancreas is not able to produce enough insulin to complete this task, pets develop a condition called diabetes. This condition usually develops gradually over time. In other situations, the body might not respond to insulin in the appropriate manner. Regardless, when a pet develops diabetes, this can lead to a variety of symptoms that can be very concerning for pet owners.

What are the Symptoms of Pet Diabetes?

If a pet is suffering from diabetes, there are a number of symptoms that may develop. Older pets are at higher risk of getting diabetes. Diabetic pets will often experience strange eating patterns. Some pets might eat too much while others might eat next to nothing at all. Pets with diabetes will also start to go to the bathroom more frequently. Previously housetrained pets might even start to have accidents in the house. Furthermore, pets might also experience strange sleeping patterns and experience massive fluctuations in their energy levels. Pets with diabetes will also start to have major weight changes. It is important for pet owners to know where to go if they are concerned that their pets have developed symptoms of diabetes.

Trust the Team from Bluegrass Animal Hospital

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