Conditions Treated

At Bluegrass Animal Hospital, you’ll work with skilled veterinary experts in the care of your pet. Your Knoxville, TN, veterinarian is fully committed to meeting your furry friend’s every healthcare need. Through annual wellness exams, we closely monitor your pet’s health and provide routine care to help prevent sickness and disease. We also offer medical treatments for health problems your pet may develop during the course of his life. Here are just a few of the many conditions we treat in our clinic.

Chronic Pain

As your pet ages, he’s susceptible to developing serious health problems, like arthritis or cancer, that can cause chronic pain. Our pain management treatments minimize painful symptoms to improve your pet's quality of life.


Intestinal parasites can make your pet gravely ill. Problems with vomiting and diarrhea can often be attributed to parasites, although these issues can also be caused by an infection or food allergy. Your Knoxville, TN, veterinarian offers parasite control treatments to eliminate current infestations and prevent future ones to protect your pet’s health.

Periodontal Disease

Like people, dogs and cats are prone to oral infections and periodontal disease. Left unchecked, periodontal infection can eat away at the bone structure of your pet’s teeth, causing them to fall out. Caught early enough, we can treat this condition and restore your pet’s oral health. We also offer annual dental exams and cleanings to keep dental disease from recurring.


Pet obesity is a common problem that’s on the rise. A high calorie diet and lack of regular exercise can lead to excessive weight gain in your dog or cat. Pets that are overweight are at risk of developing respiratory problems, arthritis, diabetes, and other health issues. Through nutritional and exercise counseling, we can help your pet overcome obesity problems and maintain a healthy weight.

Skin Problems

Parasites, bacterial infections, fleas, and allergies are some of the main causes of skin problems in pets. They can lead to painful skin conditions like mange, atopic dermatitis, ringworm, and hot spots. Through oral and topical treatments, your Knoxville veterinarian can successfully treat skin infections and keep them from coming back.

Wounds and Acute Injuries

We offer surgical and non-surgical solutions to pet injuries and wounds sustained by car accidents, animal fights, bites, falls, or other traumatic situations. Severe injuries require emergency treatment. By informing your Knoxville vet of your situation right away, we can prepare to receive your pet as soon as he arrives to provide emergency care.

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When you bring your pet to Bluegrass Animal Hospital, Knoxville, TN, you can count on quality, compassionate veterinary care. Contact us at (865) 694-8387 today for all your pet care needs.

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