Pet Eye Infections

Pet Eye Infections

Pet eye infections cause dogs and cats distress in the forms of discomfort, pain, and obstruction of vision. If your pet is currently showing signs that they are suffering from an eye infection, it is best to contact Bluegrass Animal Hospital in Knoxville TN to have your pet evaluated by our veterinarian. Read over the following information about pet eye infections so you understand the importance of obtaining treatment for this condition.

Pet Eye Infections

Signs of an Eye Infection

A pet suffering from an eye infection is likely to have a few visible signs that indicate it is suffering from a problem that requires intervention. A pet with an eye infection may blink the affected eye constantly in an attempt to stop discomfort and clear the eye so that they can see. They may squint or keep the affected eye in a closed position. It is likely you will see a discharge from an eye that is infected. This could be watery, cloudy, or crusty in appearance.

Why Treatment for an Eye Infection Is Necessary

An eye infection is usually caused by an injury to the eye. If this is not treated properly, an infection may settle into the injured spot. This could spread in intensity, making it difficult for a pet to see properly. They will also deal with discomfort and pain in the eye. A pet that does not receive treatment for an eye infection could suffer from vision problems such as blurred vision, for an extended period. In some instances, a pet could actually become blind if treatment is not administered. An eye infection could also spread from one eye to the other. To avoid these situations, seeing our veterinarian is best.

What Our Veterinarian Will Do For an Eye Infection

Our veterinarian will perform an examination of your pet to determine whether it has an eye infection or whether it is dealing with another medical problem. This is important so that the proper treatment plan is given to your pet to clear up medical problems effectively. If your pet does indeed have an eye infection, medication will be prescribed to quicken the healing time. This is usually in the form of an eye drop. Our vet will show you how to administer necessary medication and will also discuss some lifestyle changes you may want to consider for your pet as they are dealing with the healing process.

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