How to Tell if Your Pet Has an Eye Injury

How to Tell if Your Pet Has an Eye Injury

Pets love to play but it makes them more prone to eye injuries from time to time. Even a well-behaved pet can end up with an eye injury. As a pet owner, familiarizing yourself with different types of eye injuries can allow you to respond and know when help from a veterinarian is needed. If you live in or around Knoxville, TN, choose Bluegrass Animal Hospital when your pet has an eye injury.

Different Types of Eye Injuries

Eye injuries that come from blunt trauma need immediate care. Eye injuries can be mild to severe and range from a scratch or cut on the surface to a corneal ulcer, eyelid trauma, or proptosis, which is when the eye is out of the socket.

Eye Injury Causes

An injury can occur when something comes in contact with your pet’s eye and causes damage. An altercation with another animal, a claw swipe, or a fight can easily injure an eye. There are also natural hazards that can be dangerous too. Dirt scratches, insect bites, and tree branches can be a problem. Chemicals sprayed or spilled near your pet can cause temporary sensitivity to your pet’s eyes. Itchy eyes due to allergies can lead to injuries if your pet is pawing or rubbing the eyes. If this continues then a scratch or ulcer can occur on the cornea.

Symptoms of an Eye Injury

Different eye diseases can affect your pet. Some symptoms can happen without an injury. If you notice a wound around the eye, you should get it checked out. Other symptoms to pay attention to include twitching, squinting, eyelid spasms, blinking rapidly, excessive tearing, or pawing at the area. Some injuries may affect your pet’s ability to open his or her eye. If the eye appears bloodshot, it can mean irritation or trauma. A green or yellow discharge can mean an eye infection.

Visit a Veterinarian

If you notice any eye injury symptoms, you should seek care from your veterinarian in Knoxville, TN. You should not attempt any home care unless advised by a professional. Eye problems can be worse than they look and change rapidly so don’t risk your pet’s vision. If you are concerned about a recent eye injury on your pet, call Bluegrass Animal Hospital today at (865) 694-8387 to schedule an appointment.

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