Importance of Vaccinating Your Pets

The Importance of Vaccinating Your Pets

At Bluegrass Animal Hospital in Knoxville, TN, we are a full-service veterinary practice. Our veterinarians want you to know how important scheduled vaccinations are when keeping your furry friends happy and healthy for years to come.

Understanding the Importance of Vaccines

No doubt owning a pet comes with a lot of happiness and experiences, but it also comes with quite a bit of responsibility. Keeping your pet vaccinated can provide an array of benefits for your cat or dog.

  • Keep Your Pet Protected: Vaccines safeguard your pet at all stages of life. The primary purpose of a vaccine is to get your pet's immune system ready if he or she is exposed to diseases or infections that can make your pet ill.
  • Keeps Humans and Other Pets Safe: Dogs and cats can transmit infectious diseases to other pets and humans as well. The more pets that have their vaccinations, the safer everyone will be.
  • Vaccines Are Required For Pet Owners: It's the law to keep your pet vaccinated as part of ownership. Doing so gives you more peace of mind.
  • Vaccines Are A Proven Safe Way To Keep Your Pet Healthy: There is minimal risk involved when you get your pet vaccinated. Vaccines are a tremendous benefit to the overall wellness of the pet population. There is a small chance that your cat or dog may have an allergic reaction, but we can treat it immediately and keep your pet safe.

If you have a puppy or kitten, it should start receiving vaccines around six to eight weeks of age. Boosters are then administered in the following years to maintain the effectiveness of the vaccines. Our veterinarians will make sure your pet gets what it needs on time.

Pet Vaccinations at Bluegrass Animal Hospital in Knoxville, TN

The team at Bluegrass Animal Hospital is dedicated to helping your pet live a healthy life. If you are new to the area or a new pet owner, call us today at 865-694-8387 to set up a vaccination schedule for your furry friend.

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