How Safe Is Pet Anesthesia

Every day, there are pets in need of life-saving medical procedures. Some of these procedures cannot be done without anesthesia. Pet anesthesia helps to control the animal's consciousness and prevent it from experiencing pain. Also, it helps to keep the pet still during the medical procedure.

Some pet owners are concerned about the safety of pet anesthesia, whether it can cause more harm to their precious animal companions. Their concerns are understandable, just like in humans, anesthesia is associated with some risks. But when you compare an illness stealing away your pet’s joy, it is best to consider anesthesia and eliminate any real cause of harm to your animal. At Bluegrass Animal Hospital in Knoxville, TN, we understand your love for your pet. As such, we are careful to administer the proper anesthesia dosage and carry out the medical treatment safely.

What You Need To Know

Anesthesia can be either safe or dangerous depending on the qualifications of the veterinarian administering it. A qualified practitioner can create a plan that will ensure the careful administration of anesthesia. For example, as long as the veterinarian researches the best medication and follows a safe protocol, the anesthesia on your pet should be safe.

With the advancement in technology, anesthesia for pets has become safer than it was years ago. If you are ever troubled about a medical procedure, the best way to handle it is to talk with the veterinarian. The vet will first analyze whether your pet can handle anesthesia before recommending it. We will help you see how anesthesia works and provide all of the information you need.

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