Canine Influenza Awareness in Knoxville

Vet in Knoxville Discusses Dog Flu and Canine Influenza Vaccination

Dog flu, also known as canine influenza, is a highly contagious infection that can make a dog very sick. Dog flu can also affect cats. Fortunately, our vet in Knoxville offers canine influenza vaccination that can protect your dog from this highly infectious disease.

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Types of Dog Flu Viruses and Symptoms

There are two strains of the dog flu virus – H3N8 and H3N2. Both strains cause respiratory illnesses in dogs. Humans are not at risk for contracting dog flu at this time.

Symptoms of canine influenza include a persistent cough. Because a persistent cough is a symptom of many common illnesses, especially kennel cough, canine influenza can be difficult to diagnose. In the early stages of dog flu, symptoms include a low-grade temperature, lack of energy, loss of appetite, and nasal discharge. In later stages of canine influenza, or in severe cases, a high temperature and pneumonia may develop.

The virus spreads through droplets aerosolized into the air by coughing, sneezing, and barking. Dogs in close contact with other dogs in places such as kennels, day care facilities, and groomers, are at higher risk for contracting dog flu.

Canine influenza is relatively new. H3N8 was first reported in the United States in 2003; the first U.S. report of H3N2 was in 2015. Because the virus is so new, dogs have not had time to develop an immune response that would protect them from the virus. Dog flu vaccine from our veterinarian in Knoxville can protect your dog from both strains of canine influenza.

Veterinarian in Knoxville Offers Dog Flu Vaccine

Our veterinarian in Knoxville offers dog flu vaccine that protects your canine companion from canine influenza. The initial vaccine for each strain requires two doses of vaccine, 2-4 weeks apart. Annual revaccination keeps your pet safe throughout the year. Our veterinarian in Knoxville TN can administer the initial doses of dog flu vaccine and make sure that your pet stays up on annual revaccinations.

For more information about canine influenza and pet vaccinations in Knoxville, contact Bluegrass Animal Hospital. Our animal hospital in Knoxville is conveniently located at 1439 Ebenezer Rd. in Knoxville, TN. Contact our vet in Knoxville by calling 865-694-8387.

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