Hot Weather Pet Safety Tips

Hot Weather Pet Safety Tips

You may be thinking that summer is winding down, but the hot weather is not here in Knoxville. Our veterinarian wants to keep all your pets safe throughout the hot weather months. Our animal hospital in Knoxville sees pets every summer that were accidentally left in cars or outside for two long in the hot sun and later suffers from unnecessary dehydration. Our caring veterinarian is sharing her tips for hot weather pet safety today. 

photo of a dog trapped in a hot car that could have been avoided if you listened to our veterinarian in knoxville

3 Pet Safety Tips from Our Veterinarian in Knoxville

1. Hydration 

Our vet says if your pet must be outside during the day while you are out, be sure that several dishes of water are accessible to your pet. We suggest setting up their water in a shaded region. If possible, avoid leaving pets outside on hot days. Even in the shade, pets can become dehydrated when the heat rises. If your pet must stay outside, have a neighbor check in or stop back home on your break to be sure your furry friend is doing ok in the heat. When you are home, consider kiddie pools for your pet to cool off as well. 

2. Do not leave pets in hot cars

Many people think cracked windows provide enough air and leave their pet to wait for them in the car. Even with the windows cracked, imagine if you had to sit in a hot car with little air coming in- it is just as dangerous for your pet as it is for you. We cannot stress enough how important it is to leave pets at home protected from the heat or only bring pets to places they can accompany you during the hot weather. 

3. Breed type and heat

Ask us if your pet is more susceptible to heat because of their breed to help you keep them safe. 

Contact our Local Veterinarian in Knoxville for More Pet Safety Tips

Need more tips on hot weather safety? We look forward to hearing from you at our Bluegrass Animal Hospital. You can reach us at 865-694-8387. 

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