Why Clean Your Pet's Teeth?

Why Clean Your Pet's Teeth?

You make it a priority to brush your teeth every morning and evening, but what about your cat or dog? Indeed, Fido and Fifi require pet dental care too. Animals can get many of the same dental conditions as humans, including periodontal disease and cavities.

this is a photo of a dog getting dental cleaning from our veterinarians in knoxville

If your furry friend is overdue for a pet teeth cleaning, bring them in to a vet in Knoxville today.

Reasons to Clean Your Pet’s Teeth

There are many reasons you or an animal hospital in Knoxville should take care of brushing your pet’s teeth, including:

  • Prevent tooth loss: Both cats and dogs do have baby teeth, and they should naturally lose these teeth over time. Once their second set of teeth grows in, these are supposed to stay in. If they don’t, it could be indicative of a larger issue.
  • Avoid periodontal disease: Yes, just like humans, pets who don’t have good oral health can develop periodontal disease. To clean plaque and keep this disease at bay, make brushing a regular activity.
  • Diagnose cavities: If you haven’t been diligent about brushing your pet’s teeth, they could have cavities. A pet dentist can diagnose cavities and even fill these so your pet is in less pain.
  • Avoid unnecessary extractions: A pet’s fully-grown tooth should only have to be removed if it hurts, like from an infection. If you practice good oral care with your pet, such extractions won’t need to happen.

Call Blue Grass Animal Hospital, Your Pet Dentists

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Our trained veterinarians in Knoxville, TN specialize in pet teeth cleaning, cavity fillings, tooth extractions, and more. Our other services offered by our vet in Knoxville are vaccinations, pet surgery, wellness exams, parasite prevention, pet grooming and boarding, ultrasounds, and digital radiology.

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