Why Would Your Pet Need Surgery?

Why Would Your Pet Need Surgery at Our Animal Hospital in Knoxville?

Pet Surgery In knoxville, tn

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Veterinary surgical procedures today are just as advanced and minimally invasive as human surgery procedures. With state-of-the-art digital radiography available to help your veterinarian in Knoxville accurately diagnose medical problems in pets, we can perform nearly all types of surgery on dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals at our animal hospital. We also understand why you would feel anxious about the thought of your pet needing surgery and want to assure you that your pet will be in the hands of our highly skilled, compassionate vet and equally caring vet technicians if and when your pet requires surgery.

Spay and Neuter Surgery

The most common pet surgery performed by your veterinarian in Knoxville TN is spaying and neutering procedures. Both are completed in less than an hour, with minimal anesthesia administered to keep your pet comfortable and pain-free during surgery. After a spay or neuter, pets are kept overnight at our animal hospital for monitoring. Recovery time following a spay or neuter is typically one day, with most pets acting like they never even underwent surgery as soon as they return home safe and sound.

Dental Surgery

Another type of frequently performed pet surgery in Knoxville is the removal of decayed or broken teeth, gum abscesses or malignant oral tumors. During all dental surgeries, pets are sedated and given pain medication postoperatively to help them rest and recover.

Foreign Body Removal

Most foreign objects dogs swallow pass harmlessly through their digestive system. In some cases, a foreign object may contain harmful substances or have an irregular shape that makes it difficult for your dog to eliminate naturally. If your dog has swallowed something plastic, wooden or metal, your vet in Knoxville will take an x-ray of your dog's digestive system to determine if the object needs surgically removed.

Does Poison Treatment Involve Surgery?

Generally, no. If your pet has ingested poisonous substances, he will be given something to prevent his body from absorbing the toxin. Supportive care is also provided at our animal hospital in Knoxville, such as IV hydration and sedatives to calm your pet.

If you think your pet may need surgery, please call Bluegrass Animal Hospital to schedule a wellness examination appointment with our veterinarian.

Learn More: Pet Surgery

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