Dental Exams and Teeth Cleaning

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Pet dental care from our Knoxville veterinarian offers your pet a happier life and better health. Pet dental cleaning is one of the most overlooked parts of pet health care, and as a result, most pets have gum disease (periodontitis) by age 3. Fortunately, annual dental cleaning from our Knoxville veterinarian can prevent dental disease and improve your pet’s health for a lifetime.

What Is a Pet Dental Cleaning?

Dental cleaning (also called prophylaxis) for pets is similar to the procedure for humans. Your pet dentist, our vet in Knoxville, removes plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth, including reaching below the gum line. At this time, overall mouth health is evaluated by our veterinarian in Knoxville TN, to look for signs of dental decay (caries or cavities), broken or cracked teeth, gum disease, oral cancer and more. The pet teeth cleaning procedure typically requires general anesthesia, so that your pet stays comfortable and our vet in Knoxville can clean the teeth thoroughly.

Teeth cleaning for pets may include the following:

  • Removing tartar and plaque buildup from teeth
  • Cleaning teeth below the gum line
  • Measuring dental pockets
  • Polishing teeth, which smooths irregularities in tooth enamel that otherwise provide a place for plaque buildup
  • Taking dental x-rays to assess the tooth roots and any problems hidden beneath the gums
  • Fluoride application and/or dental sealant
  • Repairing or extracting cracked or infected teeth
  • Updating the dental chart, noting dentist’s findings so problem areas can be observed as time passes
  • Inspecting the whole mouth for sores, injuries, growths or other oral health issues

When Does My Pet Need Knoxville Pet Dental Care?

Knoxville pet dental care and teeth cleaning should be done annually or more often if recommended by our Knoxville vet. This helps to prevent serious tooth problems, avoid pain and diagnose gum disease early for the most successful (and least invasive) treatment. Proper pet dental care in Knoxville care also prevents the spread of gum infection to vital organs. If your pet shows any of the following signs of oral health problems, make your appointment right away for a dental exam and cleaning from our pet dentist:

  • Brown buildup on teeth next to the gums
  • Red or bleeding gums
  • Pawing the mouth
  • Problems chewing food/avoiding food
  • Drooling
  • Loosening or missing teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Your pet hasn't had a dental exam lately

Can I Keep My Pet’s Teeth Healthy Between Professional Cleanings?

It's best to begin right after a veterinary dental cleaning visit. Try these steps, recommended by our Knoxville veterinarian, for at-home pet dental care:  

  • Apply plaque-preventing gel as recommended by our Knoxville vet.
  • Brush your pet's teeth daily to clean food from between the teeth. Use a kid’s toothbrush or special “finger brush” available at our veterinary hospital and food-flavored pet toothpaste.
  • Purchase dental treats designed to help prevent plaque buildup.

Contact our veterinarian in Knoxville TN today for pet teeth cleaning and dental care. Call Bluegrass Animal Hospital at 865-658-1020.

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