Treating Arthritis in Pets

Like in humans, arthritis in pets happens when there is a problem in joint cartilage. Any movement in the injured joint becomes painful. If we don’t manage the joint problem early on, the joint swells, and arthritis sets in. If your dog or cat can’t walk like they used to, bring them to our passionate veterinary team at Bluegrass Animal Hospital in Knoxville, TN for a professional diagnosis.


Signs of Arthritis

The most common signs of arthritis in a pet are limping and swollen joints. Look out for these and other symptoms of arthritis, including:

  • Reduced movement – Your pet no longer enjoys walking, jumping, or playing around.
  • Irritability caused by pain – Your pet may even become aggressive. 
  • A hunched back – This is caused by arthritis affecting the spinal joints.
  • Muscle wasting (later stages) – The affected leg becomes thinner than the rest.

You don’t have to force your injured pet into a car. Our Knoxville veterinary team will come to you. We offer house call services for such difficult times.

Our veterinarians will diagnose your pet for any problems. Our animal hospital is equipped with the tools and technology to conduct medical exams. With a proper diagnosis, we can move on to treating arthritis. Arthritis is a progressive disease. We can only manage the symptoms to stop further inflammation and reduce pain. We can also help the injury heal faster. 

Treating Arthritis in Pets

Depending on the severity of your pet’s arthritis, our vet creates a treatment plan to make your pet’s life easier. Our vets may recommend holistic treatments to help with pain relief, managing risk factors, and improving your pet’s ability to use the injured joint. 

Pain Relief 

We use non-invasive pain relief methods like laser therapy when treating arthritis. We also have an onsite pharmacy if your pet needs anti-inflammatory medicines or pain relievers. Our veterinarians will advise you on the risks and side effects of whatever medication we prescribe.

Improving Mobility

Our veterinarians strive to increase the affected joint’s range of motion through physical therapy. Low impact exercises and training strengthen the supporting muscles and tendons. It increases your pet’s endurance and, ultimately, the range of motion.

Managing the Risk Factors

If your pet is obese, then reducing pressure on the joints will improve arthritis symptoms immensely. We will show you how to conduct these exercises at home.

Pet Nutritional Counseling

Certain dietary supplements reduce the inflammation associated with arthritis. Use these in conjunction with joint supplements to enhance water retention in the joint cartilage. 

Pet Surgery

If the diagnosis reveals a severely damaged tissue, then your pet may need surgery to remove it. Our veterinarians have the experience and tools to perform the surgery. We will also follow it up with post-operative care.

Contact Us at Bluegrass Animal Hospital in Knoxville, TN, for Arthritis Treatment

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