Arthritis in Pets

Our Knoxville, TN Veterinarian Helps with Arthritis in Pets

It's difficult to watch your aging pet suffer from immobility. Oftentimes, their pain is something they can't express, therefore it's up to the pet owners to rehabilitate the best way they know how with ease. Fortunately, our Knoxville veterinarian at Bluegrass Animal Hospital is well versed on arthritis in pets and what steps to take.

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Diagnosing Arthritis in our Pets

The first step is to understand the health history of your animal. If there's a precursor to genetic joint problems, the possibilities that your pet will experience the same as their ancestors are highly likely. However, rescue animals have sordid histories and backstories that you might not be aware of, thus it's wise and recommended to bring your pet in to see us if you notice any signs of slowing down or difficulties getting up from a seated position.

Our Knoxville veterinarian will offer a thorough examination and consultation that includes a health history, full checkup on lungs and breathing, heart rate and blood pressure, and look at the hips, shoulders, and limbs to feel for any abnormalities. From there, we offer treatments to alleviate the pain. Our state-of-the-art technology is on hand to accommodate diagnoses of soft tissue, internal pressures, and overall proper functioning of your pet's organs and glands. 

Sometimes, there's a solution that's not considered normal; it could be an underlying symptom that's manifesting from the inside out. We'll check everything to ensure the lifelong health of your pet is optimal.

Causes of Pet Arthritis

The following are common causes of arthritis in pets. Each one either progresses over time and age or happens as an aftermath of an injury:

  • Poor diet - Improper nutrition causes more than simply bad joint problems; it affects their entire internal organs and extremities.
  • Genetic predisposition - Family history of arthritis could be a factor.
  • Large breeds with limbs under constant duress - Taking large breed animals on longer than necessary walks that stress their joints.
  • Age - Some pets do age gracefully, however, there are those who have had a life of too much exercise and too little attention paid to remedies.


A few holistic and non-invasive remedies are what we recommend:

  1. Supplements such as glucosamine/chondroitin for joint renewal
  2. Dietary changes that emphasize whole, natural meals including non-allergic/non-inflammatory foods that contain corn, soy, or grains.
  3. Acupuncture and massage
  4. Gentle exercise, especially for overweight pets and those susceptible to obesity. 

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