Receive Orthopedic Surgery At Our Bluegrass Animal Hospital  in Knoxville, TN

Our Bluegrass Animal Hospital in Knoxville, TN provides orthopedic surgery for your pet. Soon your beloved animal will run, jump and play again more like before injuries occurred.


What is Orthopedic Surgery?

It’s a technique your orthopedic surgeon often uses to correct musculoskeletal conditions that cause chronic pain as an animal ages. However, younger animals who have a new injury not caused by a disease might need it. When possible, we use a cold laser surgery device that emits light rays to stimulate muscles, tendons, nerves, and joints instead of making incisions. 

Common Problems that Require Pet Surgery

Active pets are exposed to risks when exercising, working or playing. For instance, they experience joint dislocations, ligament tears, and tendon ruptures. They also might experience muscle strains or sprains after running or hard impact after jumping. In addition, traumas such as a being hit by a car accident or falls from a porch could require orthopedic surgery. Studies also show evidence that pet surgery can help older animals who suffer from osteoarthritis.

Pet surgery can also treat spinal conditions when manual adjustments will not work. It also provides your Knoxville veterinary surgeon a way to expedite the healing of a broken bone. Likewise, pain from a more invasive type of surgery involving incisions can be addressed using the laser device. In addition, we often apply this light instrument to the jaws to relieve dental pain.            

Screening Before Pet Surgery

We conduct a complete physical assessment, which includes any health information you have about your pet. In addition, we will perform ultrasounds, X-rays and other diagnostic tests to identify the exact causes of pain. Your pre-surgery pet exam also might include blood pressure, heart rate and other vitals and urine, stool and blood testing if necessary. Your Knoxville animal hospital will also evaluate your animal’s weight and make a record of any appetite changes. This complete wellness exam will rule out other health conditions besides muscle and skeletal issues that could cause pain.

How a Veterinarian can Help with Post Surgery Recovery

In addition to pet surgery, our Bluegrass Animal Hospital can provide your animal with post-recovery services.  For instance, we will test your pet’s reflexes and help improve his or her range of motion in the limbs by recommending physical therapy exercises. We also will educate you on how to help your pet heal quickly.                                                                             

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