Pet Wellness Exams

Pet Wellness Exams with our Knoxville Veterinarian at Bluegrass Animal HospitalPet Wellness Exams

Pet wellness exams in Knoxville are similar to the annual physical exam that you may have had in your physician’s office. When you bring your pet to our veterinarian in Knoxville for a wellness checkup, you are taking important steps to protect pet health, extend your pet’s life and improve the quality of life.

Why Do Pets Need Wellness Exams?

During this annual health screening exam, our veterinarian in Knoxville conducts a pet health assessment to be certain your pet is in top shape for his or her age. For older pets or pets with known, ongoing health issues, our vet may suggest you schedule wellness examinations twice per year. The goal of Knoxville pet exams is to validate optimal health and diagnose any disease promptly, when it is most treatable.

Pet exams in Knoxville are also a great time to catch your pet up on needed vaccinations or other routine, preventative health care. Early and preventative pet health treatment ensures better overall health and can save money long term by avoiding the need for chronic health care for serious disease. Your pet should see our Knoxville veterinarian at least annually, not just to get well, but to stay well and prevent disease. Some pet diseases are not preventable, but early detection helps ensure the most successful outcome for your pet.

What Is Included in Pet Wellness Exams?

Although Knoxville pet exams are general in nature, they are customized by our veterinarian to include specific tests appropriate for your pet’s age, sex, species, breed, health history, your observations of pet behavior and health, along with other details about your pet. Your pet’s health exam may include:

  • Medical history
  • Vital signs
  • Hands-on physical exam by our Knoxville vet
  • Evaluation of weight gain/loss, or other physical changes
  • Dental exam for gum disease or tooth decay (may be recommended for separate visit)
  • Parasite screening exam (stool sample)
  • Urinalysis (tests kidney function, diagnoses conditions like urinary tract infection or diabetes and looks for blood or bacteria) 
  • Blood testing (CBC or complete blood count, thyroid test and more to reveal overall health and signs of infection, anemia, organ diseases or heartworms)
  • Currently needed vaccines, heartworm prevention, deworming
  • Checking any pet symptoms that you report is also part of pet exams in Knoxville

During Knoxville pet exams, we will record your pet’s vital signs; including pulse, body temperature and respiration/breathing and weight. Our veterinarian will look your pet over carefully and feel for any lumps or painful areas from your pet’s head to the paws and claws.

Using specialized medical tools like a stethoscope (amplifier for listening to lungs and heartbeat), ophthalmoscope (magnifying device and light for the eye exam) and an otoscope (to examine inside the nostrils and ears), our veterinarian in Knoxville completes the pet physical examination.

Get Pet Wellness Exams in Knoxville

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