Pet Eye Infections FAQ

Like people, pets are susceptible to eye infections. Sometimes, eye infections are a symptom of a hidden medical issue that requires immediate treatment. At Bluegrass Animal Hospital in Knoxville, TN, we can treat the root cause of your pet’s eye infection to restore your pet’s health. Following are the answers to questions our veterinarian frequently receives regarding pet eye infections.

Pet Eye Infections FAQ

What Causes Pet Eye Infections?

There are many potential causes of pet eye infections including bacterial infection, fungal infection, clogged tear ducts, parasite infestation, and eye injury. Eye infections can also be a sign of a weak immune system.

What Are the Symptoms of a Pet Eye Infection?

Symptoms of a pet eye infection are fairly obvious, starting with a strange discharge coming from one or both eyes. This discharge could be clear, creamy, or crusty and may have a foul odor. Other symptoms include:

  • Inflammation or redness of your pet’s eye
  • Discoloration
  • Excessive blinking or squinting
  • Closure of infected eye
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Constant rubbing of the infected eye

At the first sign of these symptoms, contact our Knoxville, TN veterinarian to schedule a checkup. The sooner an eye infection is diagnosed, the more effectively your pet’s eyesight can be protected. 

Are Pet Eye Infections Serious?

Pet eye infections range from mild to serious. Serious infections pose a risk to your pet’s sight. Our veterinarian will thoroughly examine your pet to determine the cause and severity of your pet’s eye infection before offering the corresponding treatment.

How Do Vets Treat Pet Eye Infections?

Although some eye infections heal on their own, it’s better to bring your pet to our animal hospital for a checkup at the first sign of eye infection. Our veterinarian will thoroughly examine your pet and make an accurate diagnosis of his condition before recommending treatment. Depending on your pet’s condition, we may prescribe eye drops or other medication. In serious cases, your pet may need eye surgery to avert permanent damage to his sight.

Can Pet Eye Infections Be Prevented?

There are measures you can take to protect your pet against eye infections. Keep your pet’s hair neatly trimmed around the eyes. When your pet comes in from playing outside, wipe your pet’s face with a clean, damp cloth to remove fungi, pollen, and dirt from around the eyes. Don’t allow your pup to stick his head out of the window when riding in a car. Be sure to never use eye drops formulated for humans in your pet’s eyes. 

Contact Our Veterinarian for Pet Eye Infection Treatment in Knoxville, TN

For more information on pet eye infections or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call Bluegrass Animal Hospital today at (865) 694-8387.

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