If you are a new cat or dog owner, you want to take the necessary steps to keep your pet protected from health and security issues. One important task is having your pet microchipped. Microchipping is conducted at Bluegrass Animal Hospital by our vet. Here is some information about why it is wise to microchip your pet, what happens before the process, and what to expect during the procedure. 


Why People Have Pets Microchipped

When a pet is microchipped, there is a better chance of having it reunited with its owner if it becomes separated from them. When a pet is found, it is usually brought to a humane society or a veterinarian's practice. Each of these facilities carries an in-house chip reader to see if a pet has a chip in place. If it does, the information provided at the time of implantation of the chip is accessed and the owner is contacted so that they can retrieve their pet.

What Happens Before Microchipping Is Conducted

Your dog or cat will require a physical examination by our veterinarian before they can be microchipped. This ensures they are healthy enough to have a chip inserted underneath their skin. During the examination, our vet will discuss important topics with you, such as spaying or neutering, immunizations, and parasite prevention tactics. These actions can all be conducted with subsequent appointments with our vet and will aid in keeping it in the best of health.

How the Chip Is Placed Inside Your Pet's Body

Our vet will have you fill out paperwork about your identifying information. This will then be typed into a database. Your pet will be given a unique number, which is attached to the identification you had provided. The chip will hold the number, placed inside a thin needle, and inserted into your pet's body in the same manner as immunization is conducted. The implant stays beneath several layers of skin and will not shift or migrate to another area of the body. Your pet will only have mild discomfort during the process. After the site of injection heals, your pet will not feel any pain or discomfort whatsoever from the implant. 

Trusted Veterinarians of Bluegrass Animal Hospital in Knoxville, TN

Microchipping is conducted at Bluegrass Animal Hospital by our vet at the request of a client. A wellness check is required before the process is performed. To schedule an appointment for your cat or dog for a checkup or to find out more information about microchipping, call our animal hospital at 865-694-8387.

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