Microchipping In Knoxville

If you are a pet owner, keeping your dog or cat from becoming lost is sure to be one of your concerns. Contact Bluegrass Animal Hospital in Knoxville to handle the microchipping of your pet to help keep them safe. Here is some information about why this procedure is important to have done and how our veterinarian can help.


The Process Of Microchipping

Many people have our veterinarian perform the process of microchipping on cats and dogs as a safety measure. A chip is implanted in the shoulder blade area of a pet's body with pertinent information included in the device. Your name, address, and a unique number are stored in this chip and the information is stored in a universal database that is accessible by veterinarians and humane society workers. This is a protective measure to help keep your pet's whereabouts known should someone find it after it becomes lost.

The Importance Of Having Microchipping Conducted

Microchipping your pet gives you the peace of mind that you will be located if they happen to become separated from you. The information on the chip is scanned with a special tool by those with access to the informational database. You will then be alerted about the pet's whereabouts. This is especially important for those who have pets that spend time outdoors or that are known to try to escape the confines of their own properties.

How The Microchipping Process Is Done

Our veterinarian will take down the information necessary to input into the database for the chip being placed under your pet's skin. The procedure is harmless and will only cause minimal discomfort. The chip is inserted into the outer layers of your pet's skin via a needle, much like an immunization shot. It is placed between the shoulder blades as this is an area that your pet is not able to access. This way the animal will not be able to scratch or bite the skin where the implant is located. After the procedure is conducted, the skin where the insertion occurred will heal relatively quickly and the chip will not be noticed by your pet after the skin completely heals.

If you are interested about learning more about microchipping, or if you are ready to have the procedure done for your own pet, contact Bluegrass Animal Hospital in Knoxville to make an appointment with our veterinarian. Indicate your desire to have microchipping done at the time you call to schedule a session. Our veterinarian will conduct an examination of your pet and perform the procedure afterward. Call us at 865-694-8387 today.

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