Spay and Neuter FAQS

Everyone knows that spaying and neutering are important for preventing unwanted pet pregnancies. At Bluegrass Animal Hospital, we have provided residents of Knoxville, TN, with spay and neuter services for many years. Following are the answers to several questions we frequently receive regarding spaying and neutering.


What is the difference between spaying and neutering?

Females are spayed and males are neutered. Spaying is the process of removing the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes from females, ensuring they no longer have a heat cycle. Neutering is the process of castrating males, preventing reproduction. 

Do I have to get my pet spayed or neutered?

Spaying and neutering are not required by law, but the procedures are still worth considering. Many stray cats and dogs are roaming around – something spaying and neutering can help prevent. Additionally, spaying and neutering have been found to reduce the risk of many medical issues, such as cancer and prostate disease. Spaying and neutering can keep your pet healthy and alive for longer.  

At what age should I schedule a spay or neuter appointment?

Around six months is usually a good idea for males, but for females, closer to 10 months is a better choice. Our veterinarian can give you a better timeline for your pet, according to its health and stage of growth.  

How long will it take my pet to recover from the procedure?

Females may need to stay overnight after the procedure and will typically need to take it easy for a week to 10 days. Males can usually go home on the same day, often with a cone to prevent licking the surgical site. They’ll usually be back to normal in just a few days. 

Is it too late to spay my pet if it's already given birth?

If you haven’t had your pet spayed yet, you might decide it’s a top priority once they give birth to a litter of little ones. Having puppies or kittens can be adorable, but it doesn’t take long to realize how much work it is. The good news is that you can still take your pet to be spayed. You just need to wait about two weeks after their babies have been weaned from nursing.

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