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It seems that every creature must derive its sustenance from some other creature -- but you don't want that host to be your pet. Parasites can do severe harm to your beloved companion, possibly even causing death. That 's why Bluegrass Animal Hospital makes a point of providing pet parasite prevention in Knoxville, TN.

The Need for External and Internal Parasite Prevention

The more you learn about the many threats presented by common parasitic invaders, the more obvious the need for external and internal parasite prevention becomes. Here are some unwelcome guests that your vet in Knoxville commonly sees:

  • Fleas - Fleas may look tiny, but they can make a huge impact on your pet's health and comfort. These pests are notorious for causing dermatitis, compelling the scratching and biting that leads to skin infection. They also transmit tapeworms, cat scratch disease, haemobartonellosis and plague.
  • Ticks - Ticks attach themselves to the skin, creating irritation while also transmitting diseases such as Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and anaplasmosis.
  • Mites - Different types of mites afflict different areas of your pet's body. Ear mites are responsible for ear canal irritation and infection, while sarcoptic and demodectic mange mites cause hair loss and skin problems.
  • Heartworms - Heartworms are long, spaghetti-shaped worms that develop from mosquito-introduced larvae. These worms migrate to the heart and lungs, where they cause serious cardiopulmonary damage. 
  • Ringworms - Actually, "ringworms" aren't worms at all. This fungal disease attacks your pet's hair, skin, and nails. Pets can also carry the fungi without displaying symptoms.
  • Hookworms - Hookworms are intestinal parasites that cause digestive problems and blood loss, especially in younger animals.
  • Roundworms - Roundworms invade the intestines and steal the nutrients your pet urgently needs. They can also move to the lungs, where they cause respiratory diseases.
  • Tapeworms - Tapeworms are segmented worms that grow many feet in length. They inhabit the intestines, living off of incoming nutrients and causing malnutrition. Tapeworm segments, which contain eggs, may appear around your pet's anus, a sure sign of infestation.

Your Veterinarian in Knoxville, TN Can Rid Your Pet of Parasites

Trust our skilled veterinary team to help your pet enjoy a life free of parasites. Your veterinarian in Knoxville TN routinely performs de-worming treatments on puppies and kittens to make sure their lives get off to a healthy start. We then continue to provide necessary protection in the form of preventative oral medications, topical treatments and/or flea collars. (Your pet may require more than one type of parasite prevention method.) Some flea and tick medications also protect against heartworms, hookworms, and other internal parasites. Your vet in Knoxville can also provide tips for reducing parasite exposure to pets and humans in your home.

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