Client Testimonials about Our Veterinarians in Knoxville, TN

2013-02-17, 20:55
Less than a week has gone by since our family was forced to say goodbye to our beloved friend and companion Purr. Purr was with us for over 17 years. During that time, Bluegrass Animal Hospital provided for most of her medical care and treatment. You were unfailingly courteous, professional and understanding and when Purr entered the latter stages of her illness, your patience and compassion were a great comfort.

When the end came on February 12th your caring and understanding, not only for Purr but for us, helped see us through our grief and pain at such a devastating loss. We are finding some solace in knowing that Purr was allowed to slip away from us without pain. She is at rest now, and we count ourselves fortunate that she graced our lives for so many years. We are also fortunate to have had Bluegrass Animal Hospital walking beside us during our journey with Purr and helping make the end of that journey bearable. A special thanks to Dr. Moser for her extraordinary kindness and gentleness in attending to Purr’s final needs.

We plan on adopting another cat to share our lives with, and we want Bluegrass Animal Hospital to be part of that next journey.

Thank you from our family and, we’re sure if she was able, from Purr as well. She is missed and loved.

Very truly yours,

Phil Morand
Patricia Morand
Rebecca Ralston
Mary Beth Ralston

2012-12-12, 21:25
The staff at Bluegrass makes you feel loved and welcome when you come in the door.
Thank you for all that you've done for us.

Paul and Beth Hohe
Teresa Dunn
2012-12-11, 15:15
I am so glad I found your facility. You all are some of the friendliest and caring people I have ever met. You always have a smile and know the names of all your furry clients and try to make them and us feel so welcome. I can always count on BAH to take care of little furry fellow. Thank you for being you!!
Buffum Family

2012-11-30, 01:00
We really like the care you give to our furry family members. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!
Kami Bumpus

2012-11-29, 02:15
We are very thankful for the care all of you have given our babies over the years.
Hannah Hawke Williams

2012-11-28, 14:07
We were very thankful for you guys taking care of Miss Effie during
the Thanksgiving holiday. We were able to enjoy our visit with family knowing Effie was safe and being cared for. Thanks again!
Anna-Marie Russell

2012-11-28, 14:04
Thanks to everyone at BAH for a wonderful 1.5 years! I miss you all A LOT!

2012-11-28, 14:02
Wow, you guys are great. This was my first time taking my cat here, and everyone was so accomodating. Thanks so much for being open when all the other vets were closed today!!

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