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Pet owners are haunted by the idea of their pets requiring major veterinary care in the form of poison treatment, extensive internal medicine -- and, of course, surgery. But like other forms of treatment, skilled pet surgery in Knoxville can provide enormous benefits for your best friend, from preventing serious ailments and managing pain to saving his life in an emergency. That's why your veterinarian in Knoxville TN is proud to offer a wide range pet surgical services here at Bluegrass Animal Hospital. 

Surgical Services Available at Bluegrass Animal Hospital

Each veterinarian on our four-practitioner team has the skills, experience and compassionate attitude necessary to see your pet through various kinds of surgical procedures. Your vet in Knoxville can provide services such as:

Spay and neuter surgery

We generally recommend spay and neuter surgery for dogs and cats who are 8 weeks old or older. These surgeries prevent pregnancy, but they also prevent reproductive cancers and reduce your pet's risk of several other health calamities.

Emergency surgery

Trust your veterinarian in Knoxville TN to provide fast, accurate emergency surgery that could save your pet's life. We can perform foreign body removal, reverse bloat, administer emergency C-sections, repair fractures, stop major bleeding and close deep wounds.

Lump removal surgery

Lump removal surgery, better known as lumpectomy, is advised for suspicious lumps or lesions that appear on a pet's body -- some of which may turn out to be cancerous. Your vet in Knoxville can remove the lump and submit it for tests to determine whether your pet has a malignancy that might call for additional care.

Oral surgery

Oral and dental problems sometimes call for surgical solutions. In the case of oral cancer, for instance, your veterinarian in Knoxville TN can remove a tumor that might otherwise threaten your pet's life. We can also extract a damaged or diseased tooth that is making your pet miserable and posing additional health risks. 

Internal surgery

Whether your pet suffers from a congenital organ abnormality or an internal mass that interferes with normal physical functions, your vet in Knoxville can help. We can perform a variety of delicate procedures to help your pet's insides return to optimal working order.

Orthopedic surgery 

Orthopedic surgery is often recommended when your pet has suffered an acute joint injury, such as ruptured ACL, or is in severe pain from a degenerative condition such as hip dysplasia or advanced osteoarthritis. 

Our Animal Hospital in Knoxville TN Is There for Your Pet

It's great to know that your animal hospital in Knoxville TN is ready to help whenever your pet needs any kind of care, from routine spay and neuter surgery to emergencies such as foreign body removal and poison treatment. Experience the reassurance of having Bluegrass Animal Hospital's experience and experience working on behalf of your beloved companion's health. Call (865) 694-8387 to learn more and schedule any necessary surgical procedures!

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