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Pet Boarding at Bluegrass Animal Hospital

Pet owners who are going out of town have a number of options for their pet’s care, but boarding is still among the most popular choices. Boarding facilities generally have years of experience and a record of providing safe care for pets, which makes them a reassuring choice. Bluegrass Animal Hospital is an animal hospital in Knoxville that offers safe, caring boarding for your pet while you are away.

Daily Boarding Rates*

  • Small Cage: $28.00
  • Medium Cage: $30.00
  • Large Cage: $31.00
  • Extra Large Cage: $35.00
  • Run: $35.00
  • XXL Run: $38.00
  • Feline Cage: $24.00
  • Additional Small: $27.00
  • Additional Medium: $29.00
  • Additional Large: $30.00
  • Additional Extra Large: $34.00
  • Additional Run: 34.00
  • Additional Feline: 24.00
  • Additional XXL Run: $38.00
  • Dayboard: $23.00

* Daily boarding rates are subject to change without notice

* Pets with special needs (i.e. multiple medications, controlled medications, injectable medications) will be subject to an additional daily charge.


Boarding Your Pet When You Go Out of Town

Although going out of town can provide a nice break from normal activities for pet owners, they often worry about the care their pets receive while they are absent. However, if you implement a few tips, you can reduce the stress of separation, both for yourself and your pet. Here are some tips for leaving your pet with us: 

  • Visit the facility in advance to make sure it is clean, safe and well supervised. 
  • Make sure your dog or cat is up to date on vaccinations to ensure they don't catch a disease while in contact with other animals. Usual core vaccinations should be current, along with a bordetella and influenza vaccine, which protects against an illness common in animals kept together in a facility. 
  • If your pet has a health problem, make an appointment with your vet in Knoxville to ensure the condition is under control and that medications are updated. 
  • Place food, treats, and medications in marked containers to bring to the facility. We provide blankets and bedding so no need to bring your own. 
  • When dropping off your pet, hand them over to the facility staff with a quick goodbye. Avoid long goodbyes, which can make the animal feel insecurity.

Benefits of Boarding with a Veterinarian in Knoxville TN

Our animal hospital in Knoxville offers a boarding facility that provides superior care for dogs and cats. Safety is one of our top considerations, and you can rest assured your pet is in good hands. Animals are given play periods to give them exercise and are carefully supervised in play areas. Our caring staff ensures that pets are eating properly, and if any health problems arise, they will notify the veterinarian on duty to have them examined. 

At Bluegrass Animal Hospital, we also offer bathing services, to provide a bath, brush-out, toenail trim, anal gland expression and ear cleaning, so your pet can enjoy a nice spa treatment.

Contact Bluegrass Animal Hospital for Pet Boarding in Knoxville.

The veterinarians and staff at Bluegrass Animal Hospital know your pets are important members of your family, and we do our best to ensure your furry companion has all it needs for good health and safe care. We offer a variety of veterinary services, including boarding, so you can enjoy your trip without worrying about your pet’s well-being.

Contact Bluegrass Animal Hospital today at {865.694.8387} for appointment to learn more about our pet boarding care and to make a reservation for your next trip out of town.

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